Adjustable Pallet Racking

SUPER BUILD Pallet Racking.

Quality products at great value prices.  

Interchangeable parts with many of other racking systems in the range make the system more flexible and cost competitive. SUPERBUILD is interchangeable with UNIBUILD heavy duty pallet racking making it versatile to cater for any height and design configuration.

Part of the METALSISTEM group, SUPERBUILD is one product of many that make are very popular in the UK. Available in 3 upright strengths from 7.5 to 15 tons per frame. The upright shape is a closed C section, superior to traditional C sections in the fact it has more folds and bends in the upright to increase strength.  The frames are made of high tensile hot-dipped galvanized steel (Sendzimir procedure) ensuring a high degree of durability, especially in occasional damp conditions. The beams are available in welded and riveted sections to the beam connectors. Each beam connector has 5 tapered anchor points. Three of them operating in tension and two in compression, providing a better connection with upright and increased load capacity.

Rivetted sections are stronger and more reliable than traditional welded sections and are ideal for refrigerated and cold stores. Beams are quadrupled flange thickness at points to give maximum strength for high loaded stress sections. The grooves on top of each beam are used to locate modular heavy duty steel shelf panels, pallet support bars and drum cradles for the use of non-palletized loads. Similarly, mesh and timber decks (open and closed boarded) can be fitted to safeguard against broken pallets and items falling from a height.

Beam slot adjustability per upright is 50mm which is superior to most other systems that only offer 70-100 mm pitch. The benefit of 50mm pitch is that potentially more pallets can be stored per frame at spacing tailored to the pallets and forklift drivers needs. 

Beams are available in alert orange and galvanized finish, galvanized is better for a lower price and alert orange for added safety. All beams are fitted with a tap-in safety clips that are compression fitted for added safety, and can be reused and are easily removed with no special tools.  

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