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Warehouse mesh caging from MeshSTOR
Warehouse Mesh Caging
12 Jul 2024

Secure your pallets, space and packages from shrinkage

24 Apr 2024

MeshSTOR offer made to measure mesh doors, sides and backs.

Simple to fit, no specailist fitters required.    

Before relacement of tape barrier
Workplace Pedestrian Barrier
05 Jan 2024

 Pedestrian Barrriers Guide and Protect 

Existing pallet racking before doors fitted MeshSTOR
Convert Racking into Quarantine and Secure Storage with Bespoke Mesh Doors.
23 Jun 2023

Can I thank you for the fantastic service and high-quality products you have provided.

Kind Regards,

Gary Cross. 

Project Manager at Capital SFLU Group Limited

Design and Service Company uses longspan shelving with lockable doors to secure work
28 Apr 2023

"What a good idea, lockable mesh doors on shelving"

Mesh security doors on longspan racking MeshSToR
Mesh Security Doors
14 Dec 2022

Keep it simple and racking secure with bolt on mesh security doors

Drivers mesh cage Meshstor
Driver's Mesh Partitioning Enclosure
16 Nov 2022

Delivery drivers containment area

Patitioning vailble in mesh, solid and glazed types

Large Double Doors with Service Hatch in Mesh Partitioning
31 Aug 2022

Secure Containment in airplane refurbishment centre

Single skin solid and mesh partitionng      

Extension piece to top of rack
Mesh decks and anti-collapse mesh make your racks safer from items falling from height.
27 Jul 2022

Giving you the heads up on safety from above


Best Foot Forward- Mesh Partition In Regimental Colours
17 May 2022


Mesh-cage -in-secure-hanger-MeshSTOR
Mesh Storage Cage Fitted With Roof For MRI Parts Store
22 Apr 2022

Safe cage to secure parts for MRI scanners in secure airfield hanger

Mezzanine floor with open area under BEFORE
Aircraft Servicing Company Mesh Partitioning Enclosure
05 Apr 2022

Accountability and security of parts

Quarantine Cage Doors For Pallet Racking
17 Mar 2022

Pallet racking doors are availble in different colours for Quarantined areas 



Lockable Mesh Sliding Doors For Caged Partitioning Area
13 Oct 2021

A safe space to lock away stock with sliding partition doors on shared mezzanine floor

Mesh-1200mm sliding door-OfficeSTOR

Mesh-1200mm sliding door-OfficeSTOR

IT company uses mesh partitioning to protects its stock
13 Oct 2021

Sliding doors, mesh paritioning and rear mesh form caging to protect existing pallet racking

How to create and secure aisles using mesh doors and pallet racking
12 Feb 2021

Create secure aisles in a warehouse with mesh doors and existing pallet racking

How to protect oversized pallets with mesh partitioning
12 Feb 2021

Protect normal sized and oversized pallets in the same bay with mesh doors and side panels.


Mesh and Solid Partitioning
15 Jan 2021

Best of Both Metal Partitioning. Solid for Privacy and Mesh for Viewability 

Unprotected work hut
Galvanized cage with roof for gas company
07 Jun 2020

Secure outside baler area with galvanized cage with roof to protect from unwanted visitors and wildlife

Security cage partitioning for ladder storage
27 Mar 2020

Keep your ladders secure and staff safe from unauthorised use.

Sliding doors on pallet racking or partitioning
13 Mar 2020

There are many ways of enclosing racks, and sliding doors are a good option.



Anti-collapse mesh MeshSTOR
Water treatment company takes steps to protect staff walkway and pallet products
06 Mar 2020

Protect your staff from items falling from height with anti-collapse mesh, and protect your pallets with lockable doors fitted to your racking.

District Council IT team choose security mesh shelving
13 Feb 2020

IT Department safeguard their computer equipment from opportunistic theft

MeshSTOR mesh doors for shelving
Mesh doors fitted to shelving
08 Nov 2019

Convert Your Shelving Into Lockable Storage Units  

Galvanised mesh partition MESHSTOR
Factory production area mesh partitioning
04 Sep 2019

Demarcation mesh partition areas that allowed for forklift access

Mesh partition for London Fruit and Wool Exchange
21 Aug 2019

Nex said " Very pleased with new partitions and it has worked out well for all users" 

Segregated mesh cages have been  installed for the newly redeveloped  London Fruit and Wool Exchange  situated in the historic Spitalfields Market between the vibrant technology hub of Shoreditch and the City of London.  OfficeSTOR supplied mesh partitions for Nex's facilities support companies in the basement area.

bettys spill storage racking unprotected
Mesh caging for alcohol store for well known bakery in Harrogate
07 Jun 2019

Mesh cage and spill storage shelving for the storage of alcohol and cooking liquids

Branded in Pink Mesh Partition for e-commerce Warehouse
31 Aug 2018

e-commerce is big business and colour matching the company logo on industrial mesh partition and equipment reinforces the corporate brand 

Secure cages in ex car-park transformed into organised storage space
16 Mar 2018

Epson, a leading printer company, successfully transformed this ex-carpark & general storage to organised departmental cages.

Self Contained Departmental Mesh Caged Partitioning
02 Feb 2018

Glory hole converted into organized secure storage departments

Residential storage MeshSTOR
Residential Secure Storage
22 Dec 2017

We all need our own personal space.

MeshSTOR can offer bespoke individual cages or a comprehensive standardized system. Units can be full-size or smaller, able to store all the things that are troublesome and take up room in a flat. 

Two tier shelving before doors MeshSTOR
Protect Data Store Archive With Bespoke Security Doors
15 Dec 2017


Officestor Superbuild pallet racking

Galvanised finish with riveted beams

SUPER-BUILD Pallet racking for local farm
20 Oct 2017

 Successful expanding gluten-free farm's pallet racking solution. 

Quarantine Areas for Racking and Shelving
29 Apr 2016

Convert your open shelving and racking Into quarantine areas.

Veterinary Group's Story

Data Centre Mesh Partitioning
18 Mar 2016

Officestor supply data centre mesh partitioning in white.

Warehouse Racking with Mesh and Barrier Protection
11 Jan 2016

Newly istalled pallet racking with protection saves time and money. Safeguarding against future forktruck damage 

OfficeSTOR mesh 3m doors

OfficeSTOR mesh 3m doors

Large 3000mm Double Mesh Doors in Partitioning -Allow Fork lift Access.
08 May 2015
  • Large 3 metre  doors fitted in front of pallet racking on 80mm strong posts needs no overhead bracing.
Mesh security doors for pallet racking for drug company
25 Mar 2015

Created secure space for sample batch products 

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