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Seven reasons why "Mesh is the answer"  to warehouse solutions 

Mesh is used in many applications throughout the storage & materials handling and warehouse protection industry.

A useful material that offers and halfway house between solid and open structures, but offers most of the benefits of both. A good all rounder.

In industrial environments mesh has many benefits and when combined together offer a very useful problem-solving medium. It is lighter, easier to build, easier to modify, safer, more econmical, better for the working environment and more secure than having a solid or totally open structure. And here's why it is:

  • Lighter in weight so it is easier to handle and lift.
  • Easier to build, very manoeuvrable ane easy to hold. Comes in many types both solid and fabric each useful for any application. 
  • Easier to modify, it is see through and can be fitted and shaped easier than solid materials. 
  • Safer, Ideal for letting in light to see better, ventilation for air and smoke and water for fire protection. Used in anti-collapse safety on backs of racks to help prevent accidents from falling height. 
  • More economical. Generally always cheaper than solid metal panels, especially for partitions, shelving solid sides and backs 
  • Better working environment. Structures with mesh feel less cramped and claustrophobic. Increased airflow and light.
  • More Secure, Mesh is see through so deters the opportunist's threat from break-ins and theft as its contents are disclosed. It is used to contain, protect, guard against and prevent or separate off

The benefits of the mesh are well known to Offiestor and our new www.meshstor.co.uk website highlights these products. 

Products highlighted using mesh are: mesh partitions, mesh cages, mesh shelving, mesh doors, mesh panels, mesh anti-collapse for pallet racking, chrome wire shelving, mesh backs, mesh tops, mesh sides, mesh decks, mesh shelves, mesh caging. mesh guarding, mesh trolleys and mesh protection.  So if you want to contain, store, protect, move, guard against, prevent or separate off we have a solution. 

Only by contacting OfficeSTOR will you be made of the full benefits of mesh to your organisation. 

OfficeSTOR is based in Huntingdon and offers a UK nationwide service. We offer a free site survey service and can visit normally within 48 hours for postal codes within Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Essex, Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and London. Postcodes outside these areas visits can be arranged with 5 days.


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