Quarantine Areas for Racking and Shelving
29 Apr 2016

Convert your open shelving and racking Into quarantine areas.

Veterinary Group's Story

Data Centre Mesh Partitioning
18 Mar 2016

Officestor supply data centre mesh partitioning in white.

Protect your goods from theft with mesh security doors
29 Jan 2016

If you don't protect your goods it is likely it will cost you time and money, which is a drain on profits. With a large inventory shrinkage (theft) the profits will reduce. This results in the costs to the customer going up, which could make you uncompetitive. And if unchecked, this spiral increases and could threaten the viability of the business.


Warehouse Racking with Mesh and Barrier Protection
11 Jan 2016

Newly istalled pallet racking with protection saves time and money. Safeguarding against future forktruck damage 

STOP SHRINKAGE it costs you money
08 May 2015

On Average Businesses suffer losses of 5% due to shrinkage which is a real concern to business profitability

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