Mesh Partitions and Anti-Collapse Mesh Panels

PROTECT YOUR SPACE "A Winning Combination" Mesh partition and anti-collapse mesh can be combined together to form secure areas. Can be adapted to help PROTECT AGAINST CORVID-19 spread, Available in wipable clear plexiglass or melamine partitions.


This technique is often and more cost-effective and less disruptive solution to any warehouse. Ideal for general secure storage of protected areas.


Typical uses: enclose, cordon off & secure production and work areas, combine with storage racks to improve stock control, protect stock, quarantined areas, form storage areas and security cages.

  • MeshSTOR-3m-Partition_sliding-door-gates-on-racking
  • Mesh enclosure created using mesh partition and anti collapse systems
  • Brackets for anti-collapse mesh OfficeSTOR
  • Anti collapse back
  • OfficeSTOR anti collapse side view

Anti-collapse  Mesh Protection

The anti-collapse mesh is used to protect walkways and safeguard pallets falling off racking protecting people and products. It is available in metal and fabric net options.

Metal panels are standard panels are built in a brick-like a pattern supported off racks uprights with brackets. Brackets are bolted to uprights to offset panels to cater for different pallet sizes and goods overhang on the pallet.

Standard back mesh panels sizes

  • 1200, 2400 long
  • 600, 1000, 1200, 1500 high

Standard end panels ie 1000 x 1200, 1000 x 1500 

  • 150, 500, 750, 1000, 1200, 1500 


Available in different orientations to fix to side or back of upright.

  • 100, 150,  200m sizes

Linking U profile used to connect panels together and firm up mesh structure.

Cutting panel kit used with U section lengths and spacer tubes for cut ends to exact lengths such as the end of rack runs. U sections 3000 lengths

Floor fix stop. Used to fix mesh panels to the floor and protect mesh from being pushed back. (light duty stop) 3000 lengths

Standard colours Mesh RAL 7035 light grey, U sections Blue RAL 7015 . 13 different colours available POA

Fabric RackNet anti-collapse

Flexible mesh netting is attached to back of racks 

Flip industrial wall partition

Flip is an attractive well finished modular partition system that is easy to be install, adaptable, secure and is relocatable.

Uniquely it can have all mesh, all-steel, combined mesh Steel, Plexiglas and timber panel sections

Panel Types Made from standard panels that cannot be removed from outside

  • Mesh panel (50 x 50 x 3.5mm)
  • Steel panel (0.8mm steel sheet)
  • Plexiglass panel (4mm -transparent)
  • Steel/mesh panel
  • Timber 19mm White melamine panel
  • REDUCE COVID-19 spread with wipable clear plexiglass or melamine partitions.
Panel widths (mm) Uprights Corners & 90-degree doors Wall Connection Stabilizer Top U section Tubes for cut panels & end uprights
150 2200 2200 2200 1750 3000 2200
500 2400 2400 2400     2400
750 3000 3000 3000     3000


Single swing leaf doors inc 3 keys   Width Sliding doors single panel Double sliding door Heights Special doors Heights
1000 1000   2200 1200 Single swing leaf door 2000
1200 1200   2400 2000 2000


  3000 1500 Sliding door telescopic 2200
Double leaf swing doors Width 2000 2000   2000 2200
2000 2400 2400   1200 Anti-panic sheet steel door 2200
2400 3000 3000   1000 Mesh leaf door with padlock 2200
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