ROS Pallet Racking Repair System

ROS Pallet Racking Repair System

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The saying, "the simple solution is often the best", rings true when it comes to the ROS repair system for pallet racking. Traditionally when pallet racking frame is damaged, the racks either side of the damaged upright had to be emptied. Then the repair team would take the rack down and replace the damaged frame upright. The racks are then rebuilt and the pallets put back on the racks.  This process is often disruptive and time-consuming and the knock-on effect is that the aisles become blocked during the repair, with a lot of double handling of pallets. Bottlenecks occur as forklift drivers struggle to carry out a normal days work. Typically delaying goods from going out and impacting on the company efficiency and often incurring overtime costs. 

The ROS system allows the racking to be repaired WITHOUT UNLOADING THE RACKS. The damaged uprights and repaired in situ, no blocked aisles, no wasted time offloading racks. And repair time is generally 20-30 minutes each, twice as fast as a traditional repair. The customer saves money because no new upright materials are needed to buy in. The ROS system is a patented hydraulic repair method and is tried and tested throughout Europe. All repairs are carried out by certified engineers, audited with a traffic light system and guaranteed for safety and underwritten by Lloyds of London. 

50% SAVING IN COST AND TIME are typical benefits when compared to tradition repairs, more so if hidden costs are included such as overtime.  A minimum of 10 ROS repairs are needed to make the costs feasible and calculates out to circa £150.00 per upright.

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